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    • The application of the Public Procurement Directives on competitive tenders primarily in the utilities sector and the utilities regulatory sector
    • Drafting of public tender documentation
    • The legal requirements for the holding of a competitive tender under the public procurement rules
    • Providing ongoing legal advice during the tender process
    • Negotiation & drafting of contracts (in competitive tenders)

    The rights and obligations of public bodies and the effects of non adherence to the public procurement rules makes relevant the role played by our law firm in Italy (Milan, Rome, Bologna) at the regaard of engaging in all-round services of inviting to tender and tendering, having represented clients from petroleum, natural gas, environmental protection, power supply, chemical, communications and tertiary industries, including tender agency, in many international and domestic inviting to tenders.




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    INVESTMENT IN ITALY, find herein the link to our database of articles



    The international and domestic tendering services include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Large-scale capital construction projects;
    • Large-scale equipment purchase;
    • International commodities purchase;
    • Projects financed with loans of World Bank and Asian Development Bank;
    • Governmental procurement;
    • Tertiary industry projects.

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