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Maritime law is the distinct body of law (both substantive and procedural) governing navigation and shipping.Topics associated with this field in legal reference works may include: shipping; navigation; waters; commerce; seamen; towage; wharves, piers, and docks; insurance; maritime liens; canals; and recreation. Piracy (ship hijacking) is also an aspect of Maritime law. The state laws worldwide seek to create a uniform body of Maritime law both nationally and internationally in order to facilitate commerce. Legal Advisor role of our law firm in Italy (Milan, Bologna, Rome) regards how, under different State laws, the ship's flag determines the source of law. 











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This also applies to criminal law governing the ship's crew. But the ship must be flying the flag legitimately; that is, there must be more than insubstantial contact between the ship and its flag, in order for the different laws worldwide of the flag to apply. Italian courts may refuse jurisdiction where it would involve applying the law of another country, although in general international law does seek uniformity in admiralty law.




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