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  • Submission of official VISA application
  • Check of VISA requirements of alien businessman
  • Soliciting cards and permits
  • VISA litigation

State immigration law determines whether a person is an alien, and associated legal rights, duties, and obligations of aliens in Italy. It also provides means by which certain aliens can become naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship. Legal Advisor role of our law firm in Italy (Milan, Bologna, Rome) in the typical transaction is as follows.








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Immigration law serves as a gatekeeper for the nation's border: it determines who may enter, how long they may stay and when they must leave. An "alien" is any person who is not a citizen or a national of Italy. There are different categories of aliens: resident and non-resident, immigrant and non-immigrant, documented and undocumented ("illegal").

Republic of Italy, as many countries, has limited immigration and there is a variety of VISA, Permit card and Work Permit, which requests legal advising in favor of business and non-business aliens, in order to start sojourner life, activity or enterprise. In effect, the goals in immigration policies, which are implicated by VISA and cards, are achieved when granting or denying visas: Thus, where is an official practice, there aliens need aforementioned legal advising. There are two types of visas: immigrant and non-immigrant. Non-immigrant visas are primary issued to tourists and temporary business visitors. Non-immigrant visas are divided into much more categories, and the number of visas in most categories is not limited.

Only a few categories of non-immigrant visas allow their holders work in Italy. Immigrant visas permit their holders to stay in Italy permanently and ultimately to apply for citizenship. An alien who has an immigrant visa is permitted to work in the Italy.  Many immigrant visas are also subject to per-country caps.

Sometimes, Italian Republic recognizes to non-immigrant aliens, by means of country-reciprocity, right of starting business and purchasing goods in Italy. It is appropriate to timely ask a lawyer when this exceptional country-reciprocity does work.

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